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When your business encounters international cooperation or you personally need to ask official agencies question in other countries, we arrange telephone or on-site interpretation services in English, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

Our interpreters are proficient in target languages have clean enunciation, and precise in their use of words to help you covey the messages of your visitors and yours reliably. We help academic intuitions, companies and individuals to remove language barriers and promote communication for purposes such as conference, negotiation, visits, exhibition, court attendance, and lectures.

Regardless of the occasion and place, our translators use words carefully to ensure that both parties understand the information conveyed.

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When requesting a quote, please also provide information below to help us find an interpreter that suits your needs.
  1. Purpose of translation
  2. Time, place, occasion, the number of attendees
  3. Material and information relevant to the event

Winplus’ Interpreting Cases

  • Financial meeting between parent company and subsidiary
  • Product Development Conference
  • Supplier Meeting
  • Order of raw materials
  • Exhibition
  • Cooking class
  • Forum/Lecture
  • Foreign Visitors/Guests
  • Fisheries and Seafood Show
Personal Case
  • Phone Interpreting
  • Find Friends Across the Sea
  • Customs
  • Bank
  • Police Station
  • Insurance claim
  • Inheritance Matters
  • Divorce Lawsuit